The Changes I’ve Made to Live a Better Life

The Changes I’ve Made to Live a Better Life

Sometimes people stuck in something and just can’t get over it. I believe, every day we can make us a better version of ourselves. But, if you stuck in something, it will act as a strong wall on the way to your development. So, achieving my better life or my better version I made some changes in my lifestyle.

Reminding Myself About My Root:

Yes, my root is something that encourages me a lot. Since the last 8 years I did not pay much attention to my root, but, some incidents and people just made me think about it again. My school days to professional life, my root always plays a massive role. It always makes me rich, strong and happy.

Changes in food habit:

Before these last 3 months, I was suffering from a massive hormonal dis-balance due to excessive stress for some areas of my life. As I am not that fan of medicines I decided to do some massive changes in my lifestyle. I started with food. I stopped taking junk foods and started focus on only healthy and limited diets. This practice is helping me to stay energetic throughout the day.

Exercise and Meditation:

This is true that I never quit exercising even after quitting tennis. It was always with the flow. But, now I have taken it more seriously and also hired a physical trainer for it. I also practice meditation every day to keep my concentration up. Well, so if you are also thinking about how I am so happy looking and flexible? Here is your answer.

Involving myself in creative work:

I have grown up learning creative skills ( again thanks to my root). I just love doing creative projects, no matter small or big. It gives me happiness and makes me unique.

Less active in social media:

It does not mean that I don’t use it at all. I use social media every day, but not that much I used to do before. I start staying without my phone and I am doing well.

Deleting toxic people from my life:

I usually don’t like to avoid a hard time or situation or people. I love to face tricky situations and challenges. But, if someone tries to let me down without any reason, I just throw them out of my life after telling them how do I see them. It doesn’t matter even if they are my relatives or once a close friend or more. There are some people who are good at hell not in paradise. If you bring them in paradise, they will make the paradise a hell. So, I always believe that you should not give someone something that they don’t deserve.

The Changes I’ve Made to Live a Better Life

These all are very small changes, but already made a big change in my life. These changes helped me to boost my confidence and energy. These practices are also helping me to believe in my ability and moving towards a better life.

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