Keep it classy with casual business attire

Keep It Classy With Casual Business Attire

Keep it classy with casual business attire
Keep it classy with casual business attire

Some of us may have gone through job interviews or regularly attending meetings, others may be preparing for professional life. Attire is one of those important things comes to our mind when it comes to business or job, and why not? Remember, the first impression is the last impression or else you have to do the damage control. 

From my personal experiences, I can say that most of the time, we all love to wear easy casuals. But, it is not easy to bring casuals in the formal outfit.

To mix and match the casual and business look, I wore the blue jeans shirt with the brown formal pant. Complementing the outfit, I have also chosen a pair of brown peep-toes.

I kept my makeover very simple and as I have got little longer hair currently, I tied it up like a ponytail.

Jeans shirts are not always considering as formal but, this is how you can use them as smart casual business attire.

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