Orange Essential Oil

Refreshing Winter With Essential

Winter is coming soon. Though, it is a very short season, we have to take the preparation.  I know some of us don’t feel good during the grey, dominating winter. With the cold weather and less colour, winter sometimes brings stress. So, I am here to give you an idea to make your winter a bit refreshing and relieved.

Winter also brings oranges. The colour orange and the smell of the fruit, both are magical. You can surely add this magic of orange in your daily life. Not only by having oranges, but also with the Organic Harvest Orange Essential Oil.

Its sweet and strong aroma instantly lightens up the mood and makes one feel happy. You can use it in different ways. It is organic and good for your skin and hair too.

Orange Essential Oil

How To Use Essential Oil

You should apply essential oil with a medium. If you want to apply on your skin, add two drops of the essential oil with the moisturizer and apply. Same for the hair too. You can mix the essential oil with your hair oil and apply. If you have an aroma diffuser at your home, Organic Harvest Essential Oil can play a very beautiful role in aromatherapy. You can also mix and match with other essential oils and come up with your favourite aroma.

Well, so I believe this helps you in the upcoming winter. See you in the next blog, by the time stay happy and healthy.

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