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End of 2022 Get-Together

Wow, we have completed another year together. This year was so cool and colorful. So, why not to celebrate a bit these last few days ? To celebrate the final days for 2022, We arranged a small get-together with friends at our home on a very cold evening.

Life is short and fast, probably, in the coming year the dynamic of our connection may change. We may not stay in the same town, city, state or even same country. But, the memories of us will stay forever. So, we wanted to enjoy this evening with a lot of fun.

An Uncomplicated Arrangement

Ujjainee Chakraborty

Any outing or get together is incomplete without food. Food is fun and love. So, we decided to keep it We decided to organize the event at our drawing room as it has the quickest access to the kitchen. To make this one an instant cooking event, we placed a small stove there. All necessary things had been arranged a day prior and the same day morning, to avoid the final hour rush.

Chicken Asada
Ujjaini Chakraborty

The Simple Menu

Coffee and Snacks
Chicken Asada

Any outing or get together is incomplete without food. Food is fun and love. So, we decided to keep it simple and classy. When it comes to simplicity, noodle is the name comes first and cold weather suggested us to add chicken. Well, so here I am talking about the chicken noodles with cheese. On the other side, Goa style chicken asada added some spices on the menu. For beverage, we added coffee. Different chips and cakes are added as snacks. As spicy items can make us uncomfortable in eating, a special butterfly pea flower sweet hot drink was the last minute added item.

Chicken Noodles
Butterfly Pea Flower drink

We joined together by the 6:00 pm. Our time passed with laughter, jokes and cooking foods. With time, the outside became blurry. The know path became foggy, unknown. An unknown layer covering our way as an unknown New Year approaching within a few hours.

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