The Sunset

Get The Light of This Grey Winter

Just when all the excitements of Christmas & New Year end, winter seems too grey. Chilled wind kisses us whenever we go out. It is kind of impossible to wake up early in the morning. The Sun ray becomes so light that you can’t describe it as golden any more. But, still, winter is my favourite season. A very short but strong one.

Its long cold nights and sunless mornings may stop you to make plans but, it is the comfort for me to know me and love me a bit more.

Today, I am here to let you know some of my tips to make this winter the special one.


Workout in The Morning

I personally experienced, this is something to make your entire day energetic. Working out in the morning makes your body warm and helps you to do other works on a very chilled day. Even if you are not into the gym, you can take a run on those cold morning grey roads or do some yoga at your home.

Update Some Parts of Your Home Decor

With the conclusion of the New Year mood, I have added some gold plants in some parts of home decor. Believe me, pure natural things are the best for your home. It has a different positive energy to give the freshness. I have also added some table linen with check print to make an old winter look in the January.

Gold Plant

Weekend Trip to Countryside

I am glad to have a rich countryside surrounding our town. It takes just 20 minutes to go there and enjoy the simple life of Indian villagers. A Saturday or Sunday is my luxury to travel those places not known as travel spots. Where I can stand for long to watch those cattle to finishing their dinner on a green field with the backdrop of golden pink sunset. A sweet breeze welcomes me always with open arms. Sun smiles at me and says, see, I can be pleasant too. Indeed, an experience can’t be explained by words.

Beautiful Sunset

The Tea & Pakodas

A chilled winter is best when your evening has a cup of masala tea with pakodas on the side. I mostly spend my evening with these specials of Darjeeling and my laptop. I prefer to prepare this pakodas at home itself and preparing them at home is an extra joy.


A Thriller or Horror Story for Ultimate Escape

These long winter nights really give me the opportunity to relish the season with me, myself and books or movies. Yeah, audio stories like Sunday Suspense Episodes on YouTube also make my nights short easily. Sometimes I use these nights to improve my skills by learning new things related to my work and life.

Hugging The Winter Night

As I do not go to bed before 00.00 every day, I have a chance to feel the winter darkness in the pin drop silence. The street from my balcony becomes empty by the time and I have the time to give my skin some nourishment. I have been applying St.Botanica Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Night Cream every night with mild massage on my face, also Manish Malhotra Haldi Eye Gel is such a saviour to my tired eyes.

Winter Evening

Winter is blue and grey, but, some Blue and Grey sound good too. I know we all are not on the same page of life. Some may be looking for a rocket start in 2023, some are may be struggling to have things in place. But, I believe, this list may help you in some way or other. We all can attract energies, and a happy mood always attracts positive energy.

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