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It was a Thursday, and my mom had some work in S.F. Road. So, I decided to go out with her and have a nice lunch together. It has been long that I’ve been to a South Indian cuisine restaurant since the lockdown period. So, decided to dine at the Maharaja restaurant in S.F. Road, Siliguri.

Ujjainee Chakraborty

Maharaja is a pure veg restaurant, and it has good South Indian foods in its menu. This was actually my catch. A delicious crispy masala dosa, sambar and chutney on the side indeed make one smile.

Ujjayni Chakraborti

We reached there by 12:30 pm and had been introduced to their long menu with huge variety. From snacks to dessert, you have a lot of options to choose. But, we had to go with dosa as we decided to have South Indian food. We ordered onion masala dosa, and they served big crispy onion masala dosa, sambar and chutney on the side. With the sound of mild music, we enjoyed the lunch.

Ujjainee Chakraborti

It was a nice time to spend with my mom. After finishing the lunch, we took a walk through the S.F Road and enjoyed the winter weather of Siliguri.

Ujjaini Chakraborty

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