The End of The Winter

The beautiful grey winter is ending. The blueish evening welcomes us with cold goodbye kisses. It seems hard to leave. Winter fruits are everywhere, and you have the chance to taste those for the last time in the year. Trees are a bit happy, but those roads are not, as they are not getting the arts of dry leaves much.

Ujjainee Chakraborty

The mankind doesn’t care the changes. Life and work are going on with the same speed. With the low lights of the beginning of the night, humans are waiting for the light of the hope for the next day.


The evening food stalls are getting ready for the sell. Roads are now having the smells of all states of India. Seems like north to south, east to west, come to a single place. Young people are enjoying foods and life. Smiles on their faces talk about happiness.

Ujjainee Chakraborty

Winter is always a happy season for me. A lot of things can be done easily during this season. Different foods, nice winter clothes and more over the flavour of Darjeeling tea seems better during winter.

Siliguri S.F. Road

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