Ujjayni Chakraborty

That Summer I Came to Siliguri

Hey, we are in summer and this month of May brings my memory back, Specially, my initial days in Siliguri. I know the content will go with some negative feeling as life is not always bright as Sun. But, as we have dark long nights, we are able to value the Sun.  


Coming to Siliguri and living here for a long time was never planned. It happened all of a sudden. But, why it has happened ? Well, today I am going to tell you that. I am a girl from a place name Kalchini. I have spent a long period of my life there. Dad had a job and my childhood was with nature. But, things did not go well there. Dad had a decent job in Kalchini Tea Estate, but the company wasn’t able to pay the employees. It was initially months, and then years, that my dad worked for the company and did not get paid. I know many of you are just shocked and thinking how these illegal things went. But, it was exactly the situation. Even till the day, my dad did not receive some of those payments. Also, more surprisingly, one thing I marked in the staffs of Kalchini (including my dad), they never did a strong protest against the same. They were like speaking up against the authority is kind of crime. When I look back, I feel awful.

Ujjainee Chakraborty

Our life was different in Kalchini, and it started to change in Siliguri. Siliguri is a very different city. Living in Siliguri taught me many things. It also changed my perception towards life. People don’t trust you easily here. People know how to earn money and very much serious about it. I do not want to be judgmental here. But, the city has a character and living here you have to adopt some of it indeed.


My Initial days weren’t that easy in Siliguri. Suddenly within rock forest was never so peaceful. Those unknown roads were uncomfortable too. But, I had friends and I never felt alone here. The most interesting thing I experienced here is freedom of making choices and freedom to be what I am.

In Kalchini, I always felt a pressure to be like someone else. In every matter, I had been compared to someone in my family. It was never so pleasing.  In school, in locality, relatives all have the same comparison. Honestly speaking, I never wanted to be what people want me to be. But, due to the social pressure, I have never spoken up too. I was also a kid back then to protest against those expectations. Some were also very jealous on my aunt’s fame, and they sometimes bring trouble to us. I learnt one thing from this, all friendships are not real.

Ujjaini Chakraborty

In Siliguri, the 1st thing I did is, I stopped mentioning the name of those influential members of my family. Because, I did not want anyone to be my friend knowing those powers and fame. This is probably the 1st time I am talking about it to you guys. My higher education, job, and now my projects all are coming from my own ability and this is happening because I stopped to come under the influence of power and fame of my family. If you try hard for something, you will get it and you can be your own Sun.

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