Why only brands? Look for local

Why only brands? Look for local

A few days back one of my Instagram followers asked me to show dresses from luxury brands only. I got surprised by his comment as fashion never stays only in luxury, it is an art and luxury can be a part of it. So keeping this in mind, I decided to go all local in my latest trip to Darjeeling.

I choose this beautiful Indian ethnic printed wrapper bought from Local market in Shivajinagar, Bengaluru and a black sweater from a local shop in Siliguri.

Why only brands? Look for local

It is a Jaipuri Block Printed Cotton Wrapper Skirt which is representing the gorgeous Indian art. On the other side, the locally made sweater is representing the skill of those women, who all are giving their heart and soul to produce nice woolen items.

It is really nice when you will get such local clothes to wear, which is giving an idea of a particular place or country. Salute to these people who all are practicing traditional arts and upgrading them everyday to fit in the modern days.

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