Happy Valley
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Dream Walk on The Happiest Place, The Happy Valley

Within the green, a dreamy walk took me to a haven on earth. Surrounded by the layers of Himalayan range, Happy Valley is indeed a happy place to enjoy the tea plantation of Darjeeling. Those turns on the lap of the mighty Himalayas are to give you the idea of tea industry.

Happy Valley Tea Estate Darjeeling

Happy Valley is highly maintained and organized tea garden near the Darjeeling city, this is the closest tea garden which you can visit easily if you are in Darjeeling.  The second-oldest tea estate of the town is creating a panoramic view covering 440 acres on the hill. It seems like a beautiful green carpet covering a part of the Darjeeling Himalayan range.

Happy Valley
Ujjainee Chakraborty
Happy Valley

It was a lightly rainy day when I visited this mesmerizing tea garden. I have been welcomed by chilled breeze and it made my walk smooth. Enjoying the heavenly green paradise on both of my sides, I continued my walk towards the factory of the Happy Valley.  A chilled cloud came to me and said “hi” with its warm kisses on my cheek. Sometimes it was covered by clouds, sometimes was showing us its gorgeous crown made of Darjeeling town.

Happy Valeey Tea Garden

How to Reach Happy Valley

I went to the Happy Valley Tea Estate on foot. Yes, from the Darjeeling Mall you can walk till the Happy Valley, and it takes hardly 30 minutes to reach there. If you prefer Eco friendly travel, walking is the best choice. Well, if you are not comfortable walking on those hilly roads, you can go by car and cars are available from Chawrasta.

Best Time to Visit Happy Valley

Darjeeling is a place which has different avatars in every season. Be it winter, be it summer, be it monsoon or Autumn, its beauty will win your eyes anyway. But, I won’t recommend you to travel during monsoon, as landslide is a big issue in this region. So winter season is the best time and also early summer you can visit Darjeeling and its Happy Valley.

Ujjaini Chakraborty

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