Andaman The Indian Jewel
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Andaman, The Indian Jewel

Age 17  was a major roller-coaster for me. Highs and lows, ebbs and flows. But the very highlight of the year undoubtedly was the trip that my family made during spring break. As we deliberated where we would go, I made the suggestion of maybe visiting a coastal area for a change.Thanks to FUNTRIPS as they made it real. We packed our bags and hopped on a plane to the islands of Andaman, little did we know that there would be a slice of heaven waiting for us on the other end.

Andaman the indian jewel

When our plane finally landed in Port Blair and we stepped out of it, the warm breeze swept across our bare skin, as though welcoming us to their exotic lands. Our travel planner FUNTRIPS take us to the hotel and on the way I got the glimpses of the wide navy blue sea, which made me spring with utter excitement!

andaman the indian jewel

Stay in Andaman:

FUNTRIPS arranged an amazing hotel for us. We stayed at the Royal rooms of Hotel King opposite Van Sadan Haddo in Port Blair. Our room was overlooking the beautiful sapphire blue sea and its amazing beach. Our stay at the hotel was pretty comfortable as staffs were very kind and I must say their excellency in the hospitality service.

Places we visited in the island:

 It was a 7-day trip and we had to follow a certain itinerary. It mostly consisted of well-known beaches and tourist spots. The very first beach that we visited was a local beach where we tried jet skiing for the very first time! Thereafter, we cruised to several other beaches and islands which had their own specialties.

‘Ross Island’ is known for the ruins of ancient architecture which bear historical significance, the ‘Kala Patthar Beach’ is adorned by silvery sands and dreamy turquoise waters, the ‘Radhanagar Beach’ with its lush green palms is known as the “best beach in India” and ‘North Bay’ is where water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea walk are mostly carried out.

Andaman The Indian Jewel

 We experienced all these activities. We were able to explore the deep seas, the coral reefs and varieties of marine life, a world I never saw before!  

Andaman The Indian Jewel

Apart from the beaches, we visited the Cellular Jail, Forest Museum, and Marina Aquarium. I must say that it is worth planning our trip with FUNTRIPS as they made us feel like home and helped us to learn about local people and culture.

Andaman THe Indian Jewel

Fun fact, we had 4-5 kulfis each almost every day! Believe me when I say that Andaman kulfi is one of the best in India! I always believe food during the trip plays an amazing role to make it memorable. During our stay, we had acquired quite a taste for seafood, ranging from crusty lobsters to chewy squids. Peculiar but quite delectable.

Andaman The Indian Jewel

There we were, all the way from the hills to the oceans. As we stood on the quiet shores with grainy sand beneath us, clear blue skies above us and waves crashing against our feet, we couldn’t help but feel….free! Away from all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. There was perfect serenity and all felt so surreal. We were engulfed by the coastal beauty and each experience was so refreshing!

Andaman The Indian Jewel

We still reminisce about our trip and I’m pretty sure it’ll continue till our memories last. Sometimes, we are so bent on traveling to foreign lands that we tend to forget such amazing sites we possess right here within our beautiful country. So if you are searching for a holiday destination look no further contact FUNTRIPS and visit Andaman! It truly is a blessing and a great place to be in!

Andaman the indian jewel

Oh, how I deeply wish to visit the place again someday! I truly hope that day comes soon. Thank you FUNTRIPS for planning our trip and for giving us an amazing experience.


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