A Perfect Day Trip to Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

Travel is an experience and learning. The more you travel you will learn more new things and know new people. I understand the fact that every month you canā€™t afford such a big-budget traveling experience but you can at least afford a short tour within your city. Today, I am writing about Bangalore Palace, a place where Bangaloreans or people who come to Bangalore for business can easily visit.


Bangalore Palace is situated in the central part of the Garden City, the area called Vasanth Nagar. The palace was actually owned by Rev. J. Garrett. Later, the British officials bought the palace from Garrett in 1873 to train minor Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar -X to take over the region in 1881. Interestingly, they bought the 45,000 S.ft. Palace at a cost of Rs. 40,000, which was taken from the fund of the young king.

Bangalore Palace garden

The outer look of the palace is very nice, which decorated with a special plant. To take permission for entry you have to buy a ticket. The rate of the ticket is pretty affordable, but the rate is a little higher for foreign citizens. If you want to take a camera inside the palace, you have to pay for the same.


Inside the palace, you can see old pictures with descriptions, beautiful royal dresses, and furniture. There is a sitting place in the middle part of the palace, which is designed with colorful stones and those stones were imported from Spain and other European countries. I believe that is the most beautiful area of the palace. When you will come out of the building, you will see old Kamans and a beautiful royal flower garden.

A perfect day trip to Bangalore Palace 3

It takes maximum of 4 hours to visit the palace, which is very nice for a day trip. I will suggest you visit the palace in the afternoon as that time is perfect to enjoy the beauty of this historic palace.

13 thoughts on “A Perfect Day Trip to Bangalore Palace

  1. I remember attending a big fat Indian wedding here once few years back. I would love to visit the place as a tourist and know more details about it by myself. I am so glad that you have been there and wrote a blog on it. Thanks for the share.

    1. Yes wedding do happen a lot in this place. but apart from this the place has amazing historic featurs .

  2. This looks like a stunning place! I know little about India so I am glad that you brought it closer to me by sharing your experience of the Bangalore Palace!

  3. Once I visited Bengaluru, but due to very short time I was not able to visit this place. Thanks for sharing

  4. I have yet to visit Bangalore and am hoping to include it in our itinerary during our next visit to India. Bangalore Palace looks truly stunning and I will surely add it to our bucket list. The beautiful architecture, traditional decor and lovely garden add such a charm to the palace. Thanks for sharing the details.

  5. This palace looks beautiful and unique. The locals should take pride that this architecture still stand in time.

  6. The palace is so ornate and a lovely flowing fountain! I’ve never visited a real life palace, would love to see this one!

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