A Tea Fusion
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A Tea Fusion

Tea is a mandatory drink for all. We drink it to boost up our energy, we drink it to not to feel drowsy. We can’t even think a day without a cup of tea. So let’s drink tea in a different way.

This is a day when I was on my shopping duty and searching for something different. Not that so-called coffee shop, but yes, was looking for tea. You know what? I found something different. I found The Tea Junction, a modern tea shop with traditional Kolkata style.

With the fusion of modern interior and tea in a clay pot, it was just a light touch of the City of Joy. While drinking tea, I looked at the walls, hmmm…. stories of Kolkata. Overall, The Tea Junction will give you a touch of Kolkata outside of Kolkata.

A tea fusion

The menu here is pretty impressive. Charges are not that high and you also have many options. From liquor tea too Keshariya Chai ( tea ), you will get nice options to choose from. If you are looking for a modern tea version, then, go for bubble tea. With a vast variety of tea, Tea Junction is also offering hot coffee and chocolate and yes cream blends.

A Tea Fusion

As we all have seen coffee shops all over the world, where we also have seen tea as a secondary beverage, here you are getting tea as the primary beverage with nice quality of snacks. So, what are you waiting for? if you are in Kolkata or Siliguri, pay a visit at this unique tea shop, The Tea Junction.

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