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Is Smartphone Ruining Your Life?

I am not against smartphones. In this modern world, we need them for sure, but we also have to know where to stop. In some parameters in life, a smartphone is a very important element. It really helps us to communicate quickly and collect data easily. It is also a nice device to create new connections. But, it also has some major downsides.

Since few days, I’ve been seeing people here and there phubbing on smartphones. It has made my mind to put together some points which I bet you will be agreed with.

Sleep issues:

A horrible and major problem among human beings. Minor sleeping disorders may lead to insomnia in the future. Using a smartphone before going to bed can spoil your regular sleeping habit. Research says the blue ray emitted by digital devices has a huge negative impact on our sleep.

It ruins all kind of relationships:

You may think that talking over phone or text too much is good to maintain any relationship, but believe me, it is not. Making too many social media friends does not make you a social person. It is just giving you a part time satisfaction. On the other side, you are losing your real connections and forgetting people around you. Honestly speaking, it is actually making you alone.

Concentration problems:

Too many flashy windows on a small device may be very attractive, but also a bug to spoil your power of concentration.

Negative influence on parenting:

If the parents are on smartphone while with kids, their presence is not 100%. It is a big negative point in parenting. According to a report on Psychology Today, this kind of behavior can lead to a host of emotional issues in kids.

Deleting in person communication:

We have grown up a tendency to make serious discussions over social media groups or over the phone. In these cases, our real tone and expression are missing in the conversation which sometimes leads to a huge misunderstanding.

Staying in a modern city and living smart life are all we all want. But overdoing anything is always harmful. So, use smarphones in a way that can add value to your life.


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