Ujjainee Chakraborty

How I am dealing with this ongoing lock-down

Life definitely isn’t easy currently. We all are going through the same situation. Something, which we can’t control, but wait. Since last month, we did not receive any good news yet. So, right now what I think is to be done is to be positive.

Staying at home for days is very boring and depressive for some of us. Many works are on hold and we are in the same place. Work from home has some limitations. Four of my big projects are in the same place as they were in mid of March due to 0 percent of outdoor activity. As I am very much particular for everything, it is very disturbing for me. You can say this is the number one problem I am facing during this lockdown period.

Ujjainee Chakraborty

Secondly, bad news. I really don’t like to open TV to get negative news everyday. Moreover, some fake bad news too. I don’t get why people do this fake business. Anyway, it is very disturbing.

But, I am utilizing this period by developing myself a bit more in different areas. I am getting the privilege to watch all those movies I did not able to watch in the last few years due to my packed work schedule. Also getting the chance to read all those masterpieces from my dad’s collection. Learning more about fine arts and concept arts. There is no end of learning and if we are getting the chance we should utilize it.

Ujjainee Chakraborty

I hope things will become normal very soon. I believe Universe has kept something good for us and once the dark cloud will disappear, we will be able to see that bright light. We all have born to die, but of course, we won’t die together. So, instead of worrying we should encourage the front-line soldiers and support each other. I am also interested to hear from you about your lockdown/ quarantine experiences. Write it down by leaving a comment.   


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