Low Teesta Dam

The Sweater Month, January

The blanket on and sweater seems not to leave the skin, when it comes in January. The mostly greyish days are jolly with the ray of sun. My January is not depressive at all. The shortest season of my region has the fun of food and also fun of the fairs.

Fair in Siliguri

Every year, when January comes, people call this a gray month, some even call this month a depressive one. I believe, this is a perception and the change of perception can really change a depressive mood to a happy mood.

Ujjainee Chakraborty

In my region, January comes with new planning, it comes will traditional events and foods, also some fairs, which brings together art and culture of India. So, if you are feeling bored at home, if you feel tired of your work schedule, if the weather is just giving you low feeling, just get up, and learn making of some traditional sweets on your weekends, or go out, and blend yourself in the color of arts and culture.



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