Ujjainee Chakraborty
India,  Maharashtra

Promenades of Bandra

Tall buildings with lovely waves, the iconic view of Mumbai is mind-blowing. An Afternoon feeling the love of the Arabian Sea was amazing. A pleasant breeze welcomed me with a warm hug.  After a few walks, I found a beautiful painting made of Mumbai skyscrapers.  Enjoying the dance of those coconut trees, I relaxed on those Promenades.

Bandra worli sea link
Ujjayni Chakraborty

Far from us, Bandra linked with Worli making another aesthetic view. My eyes stuck for long to the view of Mumbai. It was like the skyscrapers are calling me to explore more, explore more on their paths, explore more on their soul. So, I ran, I ran to the other side of the promenade, where Sun said hello before leaving for the day. I stopped in from of the Sun and smiled, seeing those golden sunlights on the Arabian Sea.

Bandra Bandstand
Ujjaini Chakraborti

It was when, Sun was already said goodbye and gone down the horizon, I sat on the promenade opening my hair and felt the touches of the wild breeze coming from the Arabian Sea. Dark blue cloud with the golden line brought some peace. The relaxing evening had many colours on every block, as people came up with different stories on those promenades of Bandra.

Ujjaini Chakraborty

Look Details

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Ethnic Sandals: Bought from Kurla Local Market (Mumbai)

Side Bag: Bought from Darjeeling Local Market

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