Books are always special to me. I love reading and gaining knowledge from it. In my previous blog, I have shared how I am dealing with this lockdown and mentioned my reading thing. So, here I am sharing two books’ details, which I have finished reading lately.

The Devil Wears Prada:

I know many of you have watched the movie, but I would suggest you to read the book. This is a novel by Lauren Weisberger and published in 2003. the book is all about a young girl’s struggle as a personal assistant to a powerful fashion magazine editor. This book has also described the modern corporate life and mostly the problems corporate employees face worldwide. If you are a corporate employee, living in a big city away from your family or with your family, you will definitely find some similarities with your life and the story while reading the novel. Novelist Lauren Weisberger has nicely illustrated the small and big work-life issues, fun and hardship within this novel.

Unstoppable My Life So Far :

This is the autobiography of global tennis star Maria Sharapova. It is a funny, honest, and fearless autobiography and Maria Sharapova has opened up about many things about her life. The best thing about this book is the great father-daughter story. How much a father can do for his daughter to make her successful. Whoever here had seen Sharapova playing in the beginning years of her career, might have seen her father sitting at the player’s team box at the court. I think each and every parent should read this book. It is really inspirational.

I am sure enough that if you read these books, you will also find them interesting and also you will be able to learn something genuine.