Ujjainee Chakraborty

Handle Your Difficult Co-worker

One of the major workplace problem is to handle a difficult co-worker. We all know that all fingers in a hand is not the same. Similarly, people you are dealing with, all are not the same. Some people go well with you some don’t. But, when it comes to work you have to work as a team and there may be someone who is not going well with you. Now, what to do in that case?

Be confident enough in your work

Well, now here confident will only come if you have the ability to work at a top level, what can be described as a top class performer. Firstly, you have to scan your performance and if there is any issue you have to work on it. Once you will get the confidence in your working ability and work, you will be able to approach that co-worker very easily.

Talk to that difficult co-worker

Once you are confident about your working performance, you have enough room to talk to him or her. Point out those issues, which all are making the work or work environment difficult. Then observe their changes. If they are changing that’s a very good sign and if they are not, then you should highlight the matter to your higher authority.

If your work is being appreciated by people, you are really doing great in your profession, most of the time a simple approach or a direct discussion solves the matter. But, sometimes people do get ego clash, and then it becomes difficult to handle.

Bring the higher authority into the matter

Bringing your boss or higher authority into the matter is not an easy thing until and unless you know your value in the organization. So, to achieve this you have to be an excellent worker.

When we are at a workplace, the most important thing is to complete the work properly. It doesn’t matter who is your friend or enemy, but the work matters the most. I have many friends from my work places, and we all are still connected. Even some of them are my very close friends too.  Does it mean I never spoke about the work issue with them or work problems with them? Of course, I did tell them and still they are friends with me. So, it’s all about your value and worth you create at the place you are working.

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