Ujjainee Chakraborty

The Friendships I Have

The festival is already over, and we will welcome winter very soon. This short transition period is very good for coffee and chit-chat with friends. Well, for me, it is good to read a book and drink coffee at home. In the city (Siliguri) I live, I have very few friends here. But, that never makes me feel alone. I always find peace enjoying life alone or with family.

ujjaini chakraborty

The meaning of friendship is different for me. It is all about taking care of each other, stand by each other and also compatibility in thought process. But, I always find a huge gap between my thought process and my connections’. They are actually different from me.  I am an art loving person. I’ve grown up with literature, arts, music and sports. From a very young age, I have been introduced to international affairs in the form of stories by my grandfather. So, my perception on things is very different from my friends. I really have few friends with whom I can make a long conversation on topics of my interest. Mostly, a conversation with my friends is always about giving them advice on their personal issues.

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But, when I spend time with my family, I have the opportunity to discuss topics of my interest. So, my free times, mostly go with my family.

ujjainee chakraborti

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