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Surf the waves of problem

Sometimes we are being engulfed in various problems, sometimes we are overwhelmed by its riddle. We are being confused, chocked, collapsed and unable to take proper action to deal with the problems. We flabbergasted, living space for a painstaking destiny.

Facing problems day by day I have learned a general guideline of work in a systematic basis and it works when applied to solve the waves of problems.

You may ask eagerly about the guideline as I know, like me and any other men you may also now in a series of problems.

The question is – what is to be done? Here is my revelation and I am sure you could be able to solve all your problems by applying the systematic process which I usually apply for me to get a positive result.

First, I would like to draw a pentagonal diagram. Sincerely follow it if you want to get out in the fresh air. Now, look at the diagram.

Surf the waves of problem

This diagram may not be enough for you. So I have produced a more simple one. Follow the points hereunder.

  1. Take yourself to an undisturbed, peaceful place for a while.
  2. Take a white paper and a pen with you.
  3. Sit down and list all the problems one by one on the paper.
  4. Prioritize the problems by numbering 1,2,3,and so on.
  5. Choose one problem at a time.
  6. Write down the problem.
  7. Now think over it for a while and list out your options.

*Remember the basic, each problem must have multiple options always. You just have to think and work it out.  

8. If you have found more than one option please take one suitable option first.

9. Meticulously plan step by step of your probable actions.

10. Follow the plan in action flexibly.

11. Try to put 100% effort.

12. You will get result accordingly.

Maintaining this systematic process take hold your problems one by one.

Each night, every week, each month if you continue this homework practice, you can get out from the riddle of problems on a regular basis.

In my life, I have applied these steps whenever I found myself overwhelmed and each time I get an answer of my problems. If this process works for me, it could worthy for you also.

Remember, the sunshine is always above the head. So, no need to be gloomy in the darkest hours.

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