Replace Negative Addiction with O2

When we heard the word addiction, we stumble to accept it by all aspects. Addiction means to people, particularly narcotic or alcohol.

In fact, controlled addiction most of the time relaxed the brain, brings relief, but humans are not always capable of controlling themselves. So, many people are losing their energy, good health, relationship and money all at a time. This is a huge negative side of addiction.

Narcotics and alcoholics are truly hazardous for people individually and socially both at the same time.

Now, the question is what would be the proper practice to rid of these negative addictions?

Well, this is an interesting thing that I am going to share today and if you are able to do this you will be able to get out of your negative addictions.

In ancient time, a few wise men observed the practice, the primitive gesture of common hard of men and realized that somehow this practice can replace your negative addiction and provides a necessary flow to mental health. The learned persons of the ancient era started thinking about it and found out some beautiful benefits of it. Those wise men discovered a new practice to stay healthy, energetic and positive without losing anything in their life. They hold the air in the fist in joy.

A new chapter opened. The air became a hero again. More air in the brain, more O2 break their wings, relaxation starts, it rinsed the tiredness into a fresh seashore, a granary. A serene blissful gust of O2 produces pleasure, energy, happiness, healthy lifestyle and productive society.

If you inhale air from your bottom and exhale fully, the next moment during continued minutes, you can get experienced with that pleasure.

You may feel dizzy due to more O2 in the brain and remedy of getting out of negative addiction starts.


Before practicing anything you should know about the caution too. In this case, you have to follow a point. That is, once you start feeling dizziness, you should gradually stop the deep inhaling of air. Remember excess of anything is bad in this world.

You can practice deep breathing daily maximum 3 times, each up to15 or 20 minutes at a stretch. It is a very good practice to lead a positive lifestyle. As Robin Sharma spelled out a time frame of any habit-forming practice is 21 days ( The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari).

Yes, a habit comes from repeated practice and forms character, a character goes ahead to destiny.


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