Another Nation

Since last 4 decades, we the people of India along with other countries have been moving ahead through a great tunnel called “GLOBALIZATION”. Novel Laureate economist Mr. Joseph Stiglitz told in his book that more and more positive democratization of globalization process could create a real progress of human existence farther. A committed democratic attitude of the nations could transform globalization a blessing.

Our pathway inside the tunnel is sometimes illuminated, sometimes darker, but we have to move through it with a long time until and unless nationalized economic taboos are erased.

Globalization, followed by free market economy, free trade, foreign direct investment etc consequently ventured unique new development of clubbing nations such as European Union and their Euro. Not only that, they almost dissolve their borders all around Europe. Unfortunately, Brexit plays a melodramatic tune within a newly ushered hope of a “one world” concept ignited by author and lawyer Wendell Willkie. In his book, he cited only one country and that is “World”. There are no so called American, no Chinese, no British, no Indians etc, no Bengali, no Punjabi, no Marathi, no Bihari, no Brahmin, no Dalit, no ST, no SC, no OBC or any kind of division, subdivision etc.

In today’s world, if you want to be in true democratic perception we must have to keep aside all the divisions, subdivisions, clan, cast, creeds, race, nation or all the lines those only de-sect the people and creates a continual anarchy, enmity, unrest, genocide, mayhem, war etc. Not only that division, different religious organizations or establishment also creates a tragic division among the unity of life of people as a whole.

 Actually, all the crude classifications of human beings irrespective from religion to nationalization to sub-nationalization to SC, ST, Dalits, Brahmins, Negros, Mongols, Nordics — all these terms are of the middle aged old dying status. We actually no need to count our middle aged thinking anymore, nor we need to do some of our darker medieval customs and cultures.

In this 2019, the world as per the development of science, technology, internet become a mere global village. Economic free state gradually would be a political free state with a new cultural trend. There should not be a boarder or border security force, no army at all to require to protect or invent another nation. Also, no need of passport and visa to move around the world.

In fact, we the people of the world are moving towards a totally free country and that is “World”.

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