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There was a time when the only cable connection was the only option, to watch TV shows and movies.Time went by and then we got the option to download our favorite TV shows and movies. But, being a customer we always search for faster, easier and convenient options. Now watching your favorite TV shows, movies, Live News and sports events is much easier than ever if you have LTE/4G internet connection. Let’s talk about some popular websites which will let you watch your favorite and popular TV shows for free.


Kanopy is an amazing and unmatched website. It is really hard to compete with Kanopy. It has a large collection of movies and documentaries. Overall you can say that Kanopy is the right place for “thoughtful entertainment”.


This website is especially famous for its movie collections. It has the ability to provide entertainment in different genres. But, if you need a break from motion picture you can also go for TV series, a Popcornflix also provide world’s most popular TV shows.

Tubi TV:

To use Tubi TV you have to sign up for free and then you will get to watch over 40,000 movies from big film and entertainment industry. Tubi TV has a nice collection of blockbusters, award winning and award nominated films and TV series.


This is a very famous website in South East Asia specially for live Sports action for free. Hotstar also provide some TV shows for free, but for few you have to pay a particular amount per month or per year. It also has its app version to provide more personalized service.

Other sites:

For news and other local and regional TV shows, you have an option to check the channel’s website. In this 21st century, almost all channels have their own website and they upload TV shows on a regular basis. Not only that, News channel websites are giving you the opportunity to watch live News on their site.

I personally prefer watching TV shows and movies online as online media won’t take much time for advertisement and you can watch your favorite shows at your convenience time.

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