Hungry Traveller in Bengaluru

Hungry Traveller in Bengaluru

Since three years I am in Bengaluru but still, I am discovering new things every day. We people are from other parts of India have a very common idea about food in Bengaluru, that is “any city in South India is all about Dosa and Idli. But, the reality is quite different from this.

Bengaluru is a very large city with a large human community and the most interesting thing is that it is actually a multicultural city. Busy people, busy roads and busy nights. Well, let’s talk about the taste of Bengaluru street.

Idli and Vada:

Idli and Vada

Idli is a very simple and common food in Bengaluru. It is made of rice and urad dal and serves with coconut chutney and the famous sambar.

On the other side vada or medu vada, which you can enjoy with any variety of sambar and coconut chutney. When I first visited South India, medu vada won my heart and not only that still, I do love this crispy and fluffy vada with sambar and coconut chutney by the side.

Green chili pakoda :

Green chilli pakoda

You might be thinking what is this actually?? Yes, it is a kind of snacks, made of green big chili. The crispiness and chili flavor are the main attraction of this snack.

Onion Pakoda:

Onion Pakoda

Same as green chili pakoda, onion pakoda is also a common street food in Bengaluru. You can get pakodas in any street food stall in the city.

Puri :


Like other parts of India, Puri is a nice breakfast in Bengaluru. It is a nice street food that serves with coconut chutney and sabji.



Hmmm…..! it is a very famous food in Bengaluru. People living in the city, love to have samosa in any kind of small occasions. This savory filled fried dish is an excellent choice for an evening treat to your friends.

Pani Puri and Dahi Puri:

Pani Puri and Dahi Puri

You can describe pani puri as the king of street foods in India as everywhere you will get the same. This round, crisp, hollow puri filled with potato, onion, chickpeas mixture and flavored water is the love of everyone here in this hi-tech city.

Similarly, we have a great love for dahi puri too. It is actually a more spicy and upgraded version of Pani puri. Instead of flavored water, dahi puri is filled with dahi (yogurt) and sweet chutney. We can find different types of garnishing techniques in different places for the same.



You may be thinking that how come momos in South India? but the truth is that you can get tasty momos in Bengaluru. Being a girl from Northern Bengal, this Nepali steamed bun is always an additional joy for me in Bengaluru.

You will get varieties of momos here, especially, chicken, vegetables and fried momos. There are few roadside stalls in the city, who serve momos with traditional momo chutneys.



It is an endless love for noodles. Yes! Bengaluru has varieties of noodles recipes in its street and all are amazing in taste. In the commercial street area, you will get plenty of Tibetan and Nepali street food stalls, where you can have noodles.



We all know about it and street food in Bengaluru is incomplete without Dosa. In Bengaluru, you can have dosa in your breakfast, supper and main course. There are plenty of varieties of dosa here in Bengaluru and those are Masala Dosa, Plain Dosa, Palak Dosa, Mini Soya Dosa, Rava Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa and so on. It is up to you which you would like to have. Among these all varieties, Plain Dosa, Rava Dosa, and Masala Dosa are available everywhere in the city. So, if you are in Bengaluru, do not forget to taste this traditional South Indian food.

Fresh fruit Juice:

Fresh fruit Juice

I do not know you describe fruit juice as street food or not but I think it is a healthy and tasty street drink. In Bengaluru, you will get small and big juice centers everywhere and they serve fresh fruit juices. So if you are heading to Bengaluru, do try fruit juice to refresh yourself.


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