Taro root recipe
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Taro Root recipe in Bengali Style

Taro Root (Shola Kochu) is a famous vegetable in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Two-three years back someone told me that Bengalies eat only potatoes and they use potatoes in every dish. That was ridiculous. We have a tendency to comment before knowing something properly. Whatever, today I am going to share a Bengali traditional Shola Kochu ( taro root) recipe.


1) Taro root (Shola Kochu)
2)Flavour rice (half cup )
3)Tamarind pulp (1 tablespoon)
4)Cinnamon (2)
5)Cardamons or cardamoms(3)
6)Cloves (2)
7)Cashews (as you want)
8)Raisins (as you want)
9)Ghee ( 2 tablespoons)
10)White oil
11)Fennel seeds
12)Sugar ( 1 tablespoon)
13)Bay leaves (2 )
14)Green chillies (7)

Step 1 :

Put some white oil on a pan, add rice and fry it. Once it gets golden, turn off the flame and keep the rice aside.

Step 2:

Now it is time to prepare the shola kochu. Take out the skin of the shola kochu and grate it.

Step 3:

Now, put 3 tablespoons white oil on a different pan. Heat the oil on the pan and start with bay leaves and fennel seeds. Then add cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms and three green chillies one by one. Now you start to get the nice smell of masalas. Add grated shola kochu and mix them nicely. Add salt as per your taste and 1 tablespoon tamarind pulp. Stir is for a minute.

Now, add a cup of water, cover the pan and keep it for 5 to 7 minutes in low flame.

After that particular time, take out the cover and add rice (which you kept aside). Mix them properly and then add raisins, cashews, turmeric and four green chillies. Cook for sometime until it gets the juicy look with an extra glow. Once you are almost done with your cooking, add two tablespoon ghee and turn the flame off.

Taro root recipe

Your Taro Root is ready to serve. Steamed rice is the best way to serve this. As we all know taro root is very healthy. It controls blood sugar, improves vision and it is an anti-cancer property. So, I am hopeful that you are gonna try it at home and will get back to me by your comments.


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