taler patishapta
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Taler Patishapta

Pithe is a famous Bengali sweet. There are various methods to prepare pithe and it has many verities. Let’s talk about traditional Bengali Taler Patishapta Pithe.

Ingredients :
1. Milk
2. Coconut Powder
3. Sugar
4. Pulp of palm fruit (Tal)
5. Suji (Semolina)
6. Wheat flour ( Maida)
7. White oil


Step 1:
We have to start with milk. First take a kadai and put milk on it add some sugar and make it thick like rabri. Once it is done turn off the flame and keep it aside.

Step 2:
Now put the pulp in the kadai and cook properly. Add coconut powder and that milk and sugar mixture into it and cook again. Once it gets the juicy thick orange look your Taler Kheer is done. It is actually kind of rabri but in Bengal it is called as Taler Kheer.

Step 3:

Now you have to make a mixture for pithe. This mixture is all about wheat flour, suji, pulp of palm fruit and sugar (as per your taste).

Step 4:

Take a pan and heat one tablespoon oil on it and spread it allover the pan. Now put one large spoon of that mixture (the mixture you have made for pithe) and give it a small round shape. It is like how you prepare dosa. But here you have to make it small.

Now add taler kheer on it and fold it from both side. Like this way you can prepare many, one by one.

Taler Pathisapta

The interesting thing in palm extract is, it has a special aroma. You do not need to add any kind of essence. So, if you are thinking of preparing some sweets at home go for Taler Patishapta.

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