Bengal Safari
West Bengal

A Day With Nature

North Bengal is known for its hills and forests. This place attracts a large number of tourists every year. Since my childhood, I was pretty attracted to wildlife and profound forests. So, I decided to spend sometimes at Bengal Safari (a part of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary).

Bengal Safari


Spared over an area of 297 hectares, Bengal Safari is developed as a natural habitat for Sal and other tree species. It is an ideal place to spend your day left behind all the bedevils.

Bengal Safari

Lavish forest and colourful orchids have created an natural paradise. You will find a small bonsai garden once you enter Bengal Safari.

Bengal Safari
Bonsai garden

You will get the chance to meet wildcats and colourful birds like Scarlet Macaw, cleaver Blue and Yellow Macaw, cute Galah Parrot, Munia, African Grey Parrot, Yellow Headed Amazon, White Cockatoo, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and so on. Gharials and tortoises are another attractions of this place.

Bengal Safari
Galah Parrots

If you want to enjoy the nature and and wildlife closely you can choose different kind of safaris.

Bengal Safari
Blue and Yellow Macaw

The most interesting thing I found at Bengal Safari is weaving ants. These ants live in trees and known for their unique nest building behavior. They build their home using larval silk.

Bengal Safari
Weaving ants are building their nest

This park is totally plastic free. Not only that, the government of West Bengal has taken initiatives to aware people on Eco-system, environment and wildlife by small pictorial awareness boards inside the forest and park area.

Bengal Safari


Bengal Safari is situated in 5th Mile, Sevoke Road, at Salugara.

Bengal Safari


From Siliguri you will get cars to visit Bengal Safari or you can take auto to Salugara then tuktuk to Bengal Safari. Buses are also available here.



  • Animal Park : INR 25/- per person on weekdays and on Saturday and Sunday, it is INR 30/- (for child of 5 to 12 it is INR 10 /-).
  • Grand Safari: INR 200/- per person (adult and child).
  • Combo1 Safari (Herbivore and Tiger) : INR 100/- (adult and child).
  • Tiger Safari: INR 50/- (adult and child).
  • Elephant ride: INR 300/- (adult and child).

There is no charges for still camera but you have to pay INR 100/- for video camera and if you are carrying a commercial video camera then you will be charged INR 2000/-.


Excluding Monday, Bengal Safari is open 6 days in a week.

It opens at 9:00 AM in the morning and closes by 5:00 PM.

Bengal Safari

Bengal Safari offers visitors an amazing opportunity to experience the beauty of forest closely and easily. It is an astonishing sightseeing attraction in Siliguri.


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