I always believe that villages are the pillar of Indian economy as they produce food, the most important element of living.

Village Vibes
West Bengal

In India villages are calm, pleasant and yes green fields. Every village has their own uniqueness. Their languages, food habits and simple lifestyle are always a teaching for those who all are living in modern cities.

Village Vibes
Tamil Nadu

I have travelled many villages of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The most similar thing among them is their own peace.

Village Vibes
Andhra Pradesh

Agriculture is the most popular source of income in villages. But other sources like dairy, fisheries and animal husbandry are also playing a tremendous role to grow the village economy. In some villages, house wives are also contributing in family income by their handicraft skills.

Spending long hours by the small river enjoying the romantic breeze is the most pleasant experience of life. The charming village green also have a power to give your eyes ultimate rest.