Banana Raita
Indian Cuisine

Mouth-Watering Banana Raita

We always want to cook something easy, tasty and healthy as well. So, let’s talk about raita, a rich mouthwatering food item of Indian subcontinent. This recipe is almost famous in every state in India, some parts of Pakistan and yes Bangladesh and Nepal.


1)Yogurt or yoghurt (Dahi) (250 gm)
2)Ripe bananas (2)
3)Dry red chili (1)
4)Curry leaves
5)Cumin seeds (half tablespoon)
6)Salt (as per your taste)
7)Sugar (as per your taste)


Step 1:

Heat a pan and fry cumin seeds without oil. Once it gets fried properly, make powder of it.

Step 2:

Now cut bananas into small pieces and add lemon juice into it. Mix them properly and keep aside.

Step 3:

Take yogurt in a bowl and stir it nicely. Now, add salt and sugar and again stir them. After that add those small pieces of bananas and mix them. Keep this aside for a while.

Step 4:

Heat oil in a pan and add one red dry chili, mustard seeds and curry leaves. Fry them for sometime and then turn off the flame. Now, you have to add this into that yogurt and Banana. And at last, add that fried cumin seed powder (which you kept aside). Do not mix them now. Cover the bowl and keep it in refrigerator for at least 15 minutes.

Banana Raita

After 15 minutes in refrigerator, take the bowl out, open the cover and mix it nicely. Now, serve your mouthwatering raita at lunch table.


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