7 health benefits of bananas

7 Health Benefits of Bananas

You will get bananas everywhere in the world. It is very common fruit and almost we all know that it has impressive level of potassium. But, today I am going to tell you more to fall in love with bananas.


Bananas are a strong source of potassium and they have very less amount of sodium. There are no fat and cholesterol in Bananas. It is a dietary fiber and has considered as one of the most healthiest fruits since many years.

Helps to loss weight:

Banana is a fruit which has very less calories. Once you have a banana, you will feel full and will not have much other things for the timing. Sometime we get confuse to find a proper fit for our daily diet chart. Banana can take a strong place in your everyday diet to help you to maintain your weight.

7 health benefits of bananas

Helps overcome depression:

Busy life and depression are walking side by side. So, eat banana everyday to keep depression away and live a healthy life. Banana has a very high level of tryptophan, which helps to keep your mood happy.

It is an energy booster:

According to some studies, bananas are better source of energy than any expansive sport drink. Amazing right? Yes it is. If you feel sluggish in the afternoon, eat one banana instead of drinking a cup of coffee. You will get your energy back and it will last longer too.

Good for heart:

Banana has high level of potassium. Potassium keeps electricity flowing throughout your body, which helps to keep your heart beating. Its high potassium and low sodium protect your cardiovascular system against high blood pressure.

7 health benefits of bananas

Banana treats Asthma:

According to a research, if a child eat one banana in a day, the risk of asthma will reduce 34% for him or her.

Fights Anemia:

Banana has iron and it is pretty good food for those who all are suffering from anemia.

I sometimes surprise hearing that people do not eat fruits due to its cost. If the fact is the same then why we are inviting diseases and spending money behind them? We just need to change our practice and mind set to be healthy.


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