Chatakpur, A Dream Eco-Village

Chatakpur is a hill village in Darjeeling, West Bengal. Villagers of Chatakpur have taken initiatives to make their place more Eco-friendly and practicing Eco-village culture.


The Project All About:

The project was actually on a model Eco-Village where villagers are maintaining the Eco-culture and interested to develop this culture more.I have done this project in 2018.


For this project I teamed up with The Department of Tourism, Government of West Bengal.

Things to focus on this Project:


  • As Chatakpur has very unique location which offers an amazing view of Eastern Himalayan range, tourists love to visit this tiny hill village. People of Chatakpur have maintained a nice Eco-culture there.
  • Eco-lifestyle of these villagers.
  • Their houses and its materials.
  • Chatakpur is surrounded by dense Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary. So the action of local people towards the green and its wildlife is a big matter to focus.
  • Sustainable relationship among the residents is another important matter to discuss.
  • How these villagers are using natural resources and recreating them.
  • Solid Waste management and re-use.
  • Water supply system at the village and water waste management.
  • Their organic agriculture and development.
  • Plastic wastes and their actions against plastic pollution.


Covering these all parts were pretty interesting and a huge learning. These villagers have pretty impressive lifestyle. How they are struggling with environment and how they are maintaining their Eco-lifestyle are some important things to learn from them.


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