Ujjainee Chakraborty

Monsoon and Me

Happy Monsoon every one!! Monsoon is romantic, monsoon is sad, monsoon is creative, monsoon is a feeling. People describe monsoon in different ways. I am so practical thinker, so for me, Monsoon is a toss game.

Well, let me clear it first that I am not a monsoon hater, but yes it is a toss game. Staying at home on a rainy day is gain. Watching people carrying different umbrellas is interesting. Crazy, right?? Yes, it is something I have been enjoying since my childhood. One more thing about the monsoon is making pakodas or khichdi and serving them on a banana leaf. A cup of strong coffee with the sound of raindrops plus a song of V is love.

But, at the same time, this same monsoon can spoil my shoes, dresses even my entire day. I hate going out during monsoon, carrying an umbrella, and once come back, finding the place to keep that wet umbrella and let it dry or after reaching the destination, asking people “where do I keep my umbrella?” And then one fine day I may lose my favorite umbrella.

Anyway, monsoon has already arrived, and let’s enjoy this gray season with a lot of smiles.


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