Bonsai, An Asian Art

Bonsai, An Asian Art

Tray planting, an Asian art to produce a small tree in the tray. This art allows you to provide the mimic of big trees in small size. This procedure is called as Bonsai, a Japanese pronunciation.

There was a time when penjing was a vast practice in mainland China. Penjing is Chinese art, which had influenced Japanese students and Imperial Embassy personnel during the 6th century. They took this container planting technique to Japan and this beautiful Chinese art started to take place in Japanese writings. Later on, in 1299, bonsai was portrayed in handscroll paintings in Japan.

Bonsai, An Asian Art

After World War II, this beautiful Bonsai started to attract the western world. The different kind of organizations started to conduct Bonsai exhibitions in different parts of the world and also start writings on this art.

There are different styles of Bonsai. Most common styles are formal upright, informal upright, slanting, semi-cascade, cascade, raft, literati, forest. In Japan, you will find outdoor Bonsai a lot.


Bonsai is a beautiful art with a vast history. It is a planting technique, which allows you to show your creativity.


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