At last, Pope Francis admits that in Roman Catholic Church Organization, there are so many priests, clerics, bishops who have done sexual abuse with nuns.

This Newsbreak is not new. Down the ages, almost all parts of the world the women are being sexually abused by the religious priests. Not only that, like the Roman Catholic Church, all the religious organizations of all religions throughout the world are contaminated by this primitive nature of some relevant men. Women are not safe from sexual abuse by men anywhere in the world. At her own family, at schools, at colleges, at the office, at road everywhere they have to face the greedy claws of men. Each woman, I think, has one or more stories as a victim of the sexual upsurge of men almost all periods of her age, from birth to death, she is in sub-line panic all the time.

I have seen that in our community women put themselves their best to arrange the performance of worship, but at last one male priest takes the hold the final sequence. Even in Hinduism, women are not allowed to chant “OM” which is the most important before chanting a complete verse. Why? The reason is still clearly unknown.

In any religion, women are always a subsidiary part, not a main, vital character of worship.

Have you seen or heard about any female Pope? NO. You have seen a maidan during Eid al-Fitr full of the disciplined Muslim male. But, have you seen any woman face there? “NO”. Have you seen any women in any Mosque? “NO”. have you seen any female “ Dalai Lama”? NO. Never heard of it. Have you seen a single temple among the millions a female priest? NO.

Now I laugh sadly ha, ha, ha that where our democracy stands in our society?

Inferences, anywhere in the world, human society is not fully democratic. With just started to get in touch with it, but still not yet consumed it wholeheartedly enough. We have not left the necessary space for women and we have to wait up to a long winding time to bite the democracy cake equally with our female counterparts.

In fine, I must say that women are needed to be more liberated in all sectors of life. They need to get out of self-confinement of beauty cages, the traps made by males for business.

I thought, in recent time, the Sabarimala of Kerala could create a complete outburst of women. I thought that Indian women come out of homes and take hold of the situation. But, No, most of the women are not able to raise their voice due to the negative pressure from the society.

I have heard a scientific fact, women are more advance in evolutionary process naturally and I hope in distant future women may get hold the male-oriented society.