prabal gurung

Prabal Gurung’s Hippie Trail

It was a fashion poetry in New York. A fashion show was showing a journey of colour, a journey of culture. Yes! It is Prabal Gurung, who knows how to turn a journey into a fashion show.

Gurung’s Fall 2019 show, indeed one of his strongest fashion shows. It was like a real nomad’s voyage from Europe to South Asia. The entire collection was talking about different cultures. Gurung amazingly played with the colours which gave an outstanding hint of world travel.

From the stunning show -topping black velvet gown on beautiful Bella Hadid to the one ruffled red dress with a sunshine yellow sash, the entire show was a standout. If you are a fan of Gurung’s sexy unbuttoned style, then do not worry, this excellent designer managed to put it all together in this fashion story.

Prabal Gurung traveled a lot for this success. Born in Singapore, raised in Kathmandu and based in New York City, gave him the power to create such a fashion tale under the name of “Hippie Trail”.

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