Saras Mela

The Fair Celebrates Arts

Just few days back, we experienced an amazing handicraft fair in my town, Siliguri. The fair is popular as Saras Mela. It was actually a beautiful arrangement of arts and crafts of India. Being an art enthusiast, I always try to attend almost all events related to the arts. So there was no difference in the case of this fair too.

Saras Mela
Ujjayni Chakraborty

Things, Which Caught My Eyes

Well, so the fair had a lot to give. From garments to the potteries, each and every piece was uniquely beautiful. Thought, mostly stalls were from different districts of West Bengal, there was a stall from Jammu and Kashmir too. I loved the garments they brought here. Beautiful hand embroidery on each cloth was something to see.

Saras Mela

There was another stall from North Dinajpur (A district of West Bengal). They brought carpets, and those were fabulous. I had no idea about the carpet work of North Dinajpur before  my visit to this fair. Their work was so beautiful and really something to appreciate.

Saras mela

Other Beautiful Things at The Fair

Well, so apart from these things, there was a vast collection of jute. Different kinds of items made of jute were so eye catching. Folk arts and folk printed garments were another attraction of the fair. I even found two to three stalls of items made of bamboo. Those all were so beautiful.

Saras Mela

I loved the way things had been showcased here. This fair was a perfect event for any art enthusiast like me. From the color to the design, all were perfect and very satisfactory.

Saras Mela

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