Ewam Monastery
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Just 11 Kilometers From The Town And This Beautiful Ewam Monastery  

A week back, my sister visited Siliguri on her work break. It was her 10-day trip, and we were looking for a place to visit near Siliguri. It was her plan to visit to a Monastery this time. So 1st we decided to visit Salugara Monastery on a sunny afternoon.


We took public transport from Siliguri to Salugara and reached there by 4 PM. In Siliguri, city autos are very popular, and you can describe them as the lifeline of the city in terms of transport. The Salugara Monastery is just near the auto stand. So it didn’t take much time for us to reach there. But, unfortunately, the Monastery was closed due to some unknown reason. So we were kind of sad and were discussing any other option. Suddenly, we came up with Ewam Monastery near the Bengal Safari Park. But, I was not aware about the exact location of it, and also I have never seen that too.


We did a quick search on Google and decided to go there. We called a toto (a small Eco friendly car) and asked the driver about the Monastery. He assured us that he will take us there and also help us to come back from that place. We checked on Google that the monastery’s closing time is by 5pm in the afternoon, and we were sure that we will  reach there by 4:30 pm.

Toribari Village

Our journey started from Salugara through the wide NH10 surrounded by green. I have been on this road many times and the journey is always so pleasant. Within 20 minutes we reached to Bengal Safari. The toto took us inside the Bengal Safari and then took a small path and our journey continues.

I have been to Bengal Safari, but never marked that path before. The path was so peaceful and beautiful. You will get an ambiance of the hill and also will be able to see some parts of the Bengal Safari on your right. Within five minutes we reached a village called Toribari. Crossing some beautiful small but modern houses and school, we reached the Monastery by 4:35 pm.

The Monastery is beautiful and indeed a very peaceful place. If you are tired of  your busy life, take out your time and visit this place. Well maintained compound and beautifully decorated monastery building hold our eyes for a few minutes. We went inside and prayed to Lord Buddha.

Ewam Monastery

If you are visiting Siliguri and you have really very little time in your hand, Ewam Monastery is something to visit. But, one thing I want to tell you here. If you are visiting the Monastery, reach there by 4pm. It is true that on the internet they have mentioned that the closing time is 5pm but, practically, they don’t allow visitors after 4pm or 4:30pm. We had to literally fight to get the entry there. It was very strange behavior from the monastery guard, which lead me to complain to monastery authority. Anyway, I don’t want you to face the same, so try to reach there by 4 pm. Oh, one more thing, the monastery is closed on Mondays.

The summer is about to approach here within 10 days, and I am preparing for summer contents, so stay tune and live a happy and healthy life. 

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