I love eating street foods while traveling. Each place has its own flavor and it gives me an idea about their taste. In Darjeeling, you have the option to try food influenced by Tibetan cuisine. Letโ€™s talk about some of my favorite street food in Darjeeling.

Tibetan Noodles:

Street Food In Darjeeling

I know many of us already knew about Tibetan Noodles. Especially people are living in West Bengal are much familiar with it. You will get a different kind of Tibetan noodles in Darjeeling, but I will suggest you to try Tibetan noodles with Lamb.

Chicken Shapale:

Street Food In Darjeeling

This is something I liked the most in Darjeeling. Chicken Shapale is actually a Tibetan chicken bread, which is hot, savory, juicy chicken pie.

Chicken Roll:

Street Food In Darjeeling

It is a roll of fine thin bread stuffed with chicken. In Darjeeling, they fry the roll before serving it to the customers. Chicken rolls are available in Mall road and Gandhi road at evening time.

Chicken Lollipop:

Street Food In Darjeeling

The fried chicken leg pieces are chicken lollipops. It is a juicy delicious food item serve with onion and lemon.

Hungry right? So, if you are planning a trip to Darjeeling, do not forget to try these all delicious street food items or you can also click here to get new and unique food recipes, which will help you to cook delicious food at your home.