Buxa Tiger Reserve
West Bengal

My Green Paradise

I remember those days when my grandpa used to hold my hand and take me out for a walk between the green tea garden and dense forest. Things have changed by now, life becomes hi-tech everyday. But, I am still missing those days.

To revive my old happy memories, I decided to visit those old places (Buxa Tiger Reserve and Rajabhatkhawa) again.

It was my solo trip and I am happy to say that I got a massive help from some local friends.

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa National Park and Tiger Reserve:

Buxa Tiger Reserve is a 760-square kilometer tiger reserve located inside the Buxa National Park in West Bengal, India. In 1983, this tiger reserve had been created as India’s 15th tiger reserve.

Buxa National Park has rich fauna and flora. Main attractions of this place are its green, wild animals and unique orchids. Tiger, civet, elephant, Indian boar and red jungle fowl are living at Buxa National Park.

The most interesting thing of this place is that you don’t know when are you going to see an elephant or tiger. If you are taking NH-31, yes there is a huge possibility of seeing those animals.Rajabhatkhawa


It is actually a small human habitat just outside the Buxa Tiger Reserve. Rajabhatkhawa is surrounded by dense forest and this is the place from where you will get all permission to visit Buxa National Park and Tiger Reserve.

There is a National Museum at Rajabhatkhawa, known as Rajabhatkhawa Nature Interpretation Centre. Some animal fossils, skeletons and other wildlife things have been preserved in this museum to give a vast idea about Buxa National Park and its animal habitat.


How to reach Rajabhatkhawa and Buxa Tiger Reserve:

The best way to reach these places is by car. Alipurduar town is just 13km from Rajabhatkhawa, So, you can stay at Alipurduar and visit this place easily. If you want to stay near Buxa Tiger Reserve, then you can book Forest Department’s resort, which is situated at forest area only.

My childhood places are now turned into my travel spots. But still these places are forever green in my heart.


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