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White Bengal Tiger a rare species of Bengal Tiger

You can meet them anytime when walking in a forest path in India. Yes, it is dangerous but beautiful. Bengal Tiger is the national animal of the country. They have some varieties, and the white Bengal tiger is one of them.

People love to see white and black combination. This is an amazing creation of God and because of it, this particular species is holding a big place in the hearts of tiger lovers.

white tiger 4Let me tell you the places, where we can see them. Interestingly, there are very few places in India where white Bengal tigers live. They live actually in the former State of Rewa, which includes Mukundpur (Madhya Prades), Bandhavgarh (Madhya Prades), Sundarbans (West Bengal), Nilgiri Hills (Tamil Nadu), Kaziranga (Assam). Out side India, we can mark their existence in Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

I have seen this beauty of the nature, when I visited to Nandankanan Zoological Park. It is a zoo and botanical garden in Bhubaneswar, Odisha (a state in India). Interestingly, the zoo enjoys a good reputation internationally for successfully breeding of black panthers, gharilas and white tigers.

whitw tiger 2

There were three white tigers born in the Nandankanan zoo, which was so surprising birth. Their parents were an orange feathered pair, Deepak and Ganga, who were not related to any other white tiger. It might be that one of their wild caught ancestors would have carried this recessive white gene, which showed up in those babies. There is one more tigress living in the zoo, called Diana, who has been taken from the Delhi Zoo.

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You might have seen white tigers in movies, comic books, video games, and television. So, why not in real life? Don’t you interested to meet them face to face? It’s your time now to visit those places and meet up with this rare species of Bengal tiger.


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