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Thoughts on North Bengal Book Fair

You guys might have read my Winter Mood blog, and there I have talked about different kinds of fairs during winter season.  The book fair is among them indeed. This year, I visited the fair on the 2nd day and I found the opening ceremony was performing on that day for an unknown reason. Many social dignitaries were present on stage and given the mass some nice articulated words on the book and on the need of books.

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north bengal book fair

If you ask me how many times I have visited this fair? I won’t be able to count as every year I do visit this. It has been since my teenage days. The location is same, publishers are also same, the type of fair is almost similar to my 1st North Bengal Book Fair (don’t even remember the year also). New things include some food stall and merry-go-round  for children.

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north bengal book fair

I thought to buy a book related to art or related to culture. But, unfortunately, not many options were there. I saw only two books on culture and three on art. I spent almost two hours on searching books and I bought “My India” by Jim Corbett.  

Ujjainee Chakraborty

If I look back to my 1st year’s book fair today, there is no such development there. Not even the publisher number has been increased, if even increased, it is indeed not noticeable. This is something I felt off.


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