• White Chicken

    White Chicken Recipe

    As we know that change is constant and we always want change..Today , I am going to share a unique chicken recipe with you. As the colour of this recipe is white we can call it as White Chicken. Ingredients: 1)Boneless chicken (500gm) 2)Two potatoes 3)Two chopped onion and garlic 4)Black pepper powder 5)Milk 1 cup 6)Wheat flour (2 tablespoons) 7)Butter 8)Salt 9)Egg white (2 eggs) Step 1: First, you have to boil small pieces of boneless chicken in salted water. Once its done, take out those chicken pieces and keep the pieces and chicken stock separately. Step 2: Cut the potatoes into small pieces and boil them in same…

  • Khichdi
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    Khichdi for Your Rainy Day Meal

    Rain is romantic. We know many poets who had expressed their feelings for love by their words related to rain. But, for me, rainy day is all about stay at home and enjoy a lavish khichdi in lunch. Everyone in India knows about this famous tasty food. But, I have received many emails from my foreigner friends, requesting the recipe of khichdi. So, I decided to write this simple and interesting Indian food. Ingredients: 1) Rice (500 gm) 2) Moong dal (250 gm) 3)Masoor dal (250 gm) 4) One onion (chopped) 5) 2 Dry red chillies 6) Salt as per your taste 7) Sugar half tablespoon (optional) 8) Two bay…