How to Maintain A Silk Saree

How to Maintain A Silk Saree

Silk is the glamour of Indian fabrics. Almost every Indian woman has it at least one in their wardrobe. This very expensive fabric is actually a natural protein produced by silkworms.

Being an Indian I have a special place for silk sarees in my heart and I believe, who all are owning a silk saree has the same feeling.

Keeping this in mind, I’ve decided to give you some tips to maintain your silk sarees and keep it for years.

How to Maintain A Silk Saree

Washing a Silk Saree:

Washing any clothe is a very important point to maintain hygiene. But, in  case of a silk saree, you have to follow some rules.

I) If you have a new silk saree, do not wash it with detergent. After two to three washes with normal water, you can use a good detergent and clean quickly. Do not soak your saree in detergent for long.

II) Do not use brush while washing a silk saree.

III) Wash pallu and border separately.

IV) In case of stains, you have to wash it immediately with cold water.

V) If the stain is pretty strong, you have to go for dry cleaning as soon as possible.

Drying a Silk Saree:

How to Maintain A Silk Saree
South Indian Silk Saree

Like washing, drying is also a very important part to maintain the glamour of your nice silk saree.

To dry your silk you have to first lay the wet saree out flat on a clean and dry towel. Then, roll the towel up and press it gently to squeeze out water. Now hang it up to dry in air.

Remember one thing that you should not hang your silk saree in direct sunlight. If you do so it can spoil the colour of that saree.

Storing a Silk Saree:

How to Maintain A Silk Saree
A 40-year-old Silk Saree

This is an important thing to know about. Cause, you have to start doing this as soon as you buy a silk saree.

I) You have to keep your each silk saree wrapped in separate cotton clothe. You can also buy a saree bag which is available in the market.

II) Refolding is a very important thing to do to keep your saree good. You have to refold your silk sarees in every three months. This is a nice point to prevent your saree from tearing.

III) Using hangers is the best way to avoid wrinkles in the saree.

IV) Always store them in a cold and dark place to avoid fading or discolouring.

V) Keep naphthalene balls in your wardrobe to keep insects away from your saree. But, do not keep them in direct touch with silk saree as it can spoil the colour of zari. You can keep dry neem leaves too to avoid insects.

I hope these points are pretty worthwhile for you and will help you to keep your gorgeous silk sarees long-lasting.


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