Casual Red

Casual Red

Let’s talk about something that’s off the trend. Well, red is a colour, which you will never keep as off trend. Red represents sacrifice, courage, it’s a colour of love, passion joy and sexuality. Now, we sometimes get confused to wear red or full red outfit. We start thinking about how can one manage the colour on the street? So here I am giving you some ideas on how to take red as your casual wear colour.

I love this red jogger pant so much. We have seen Bella Hadid to wear jogger pants a lot and here she is looking gorgeous in this beautiful red jogger and a crop top. You can see that here the colour of her shoes is black and that is complementing the look perfectly and also shoes are very much matching with her sunglasses.

Bella Hadid

On the other side, here you can see Bella choose to go with all red. Her sunglasses, nail paint colour, shoe, and the entire outfit is red. She is looking perfectly gorgeous in this look.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, one of my favourite fashion icons. You can see in this image, how see is carrying red as a casual outfit. In this look her main colour is red, but she has chosen the white crop top, black shoes, sunglasses and black backpack. Overall the look is simple and gorgeous at the same time.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid’s pick is a red long blazer and trouser. She has complemented her look with a pair of shoes which is almost the same colour of her skin. Here she is wearing a white top inside the red blazer that made the look stunning.

Red is an amazing colour to wear as casual. Once, you know how to match it up, you know it and rock it.

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