Canada Protest 2022

Canada’s Protest Is A Learning For All

Does Protest happen overnight? Does only one issue become the only reason of a massive protest? No. Protest is actually an act of showing dissatisfaction or anger. An anger that has been stored for long. People always try to find a proper issue to show their dissatisfaction and the moment they get that, they use their all power to demonstrate their feelings in the form of protest.

The world is actually following the democratic policy as most of the countries are running the government in a democratic way. In democracy, people actually indirectly create the government. People elect and select their favorite persons and give them the position to run their countries. Now, if they think the things are not going well for them, they only have the power to change the government.

When government takes some decision, it is their time to think about the people. Policies should be clear to people properly.

Is Canada’s COVID Restriction Policy wrong?

Well, one thing can be good for “A” but can also be bad for “B”. When it is a government’s decision, the government should take the decision after doing a proper research. They should understand that the policy they are going to impose, should not harm people’s income, health and independence. If the government thinks it is something very good for the people of their country, they should make their citizen understand by explaining their policy properly.

Nowadays, it becomes a trend for the governments to make policies or acts without thinking about the people, or you can say the majority. It is now a very poor game of power. A power, who forgets its root. A power, who forgets its position. 

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