Ujjainee Chakraborty

Be Happy For Small Things In Life

We all have different perception toward life and somehow we all are in the same page as we all want to be happy. Now, from where the happiness comes? It comes from your inner self. Today, I am writing this because I am seeing people are stressed out and hungry behind happiness. But, honestly, they don’t know what is happiness.

I remember, almost like a year back, I was in a business meeting. One rich businessman was giving his speech, and he suddenly told we smell money in the morning. I was just shocked. I can understand we all need money to make our lives better but for that if we start smelling money in the morning we will be stressed out. Money will never come with zero effort and for that effort your brain should work positively. I think It’s way better to smell fresh air and enjoy the morning light than smelling money. Yes, happiness is there.

I even get happy to see how a butterfly fly or to see its beautiful colour, or a beautiful flower. It gives me the energy to live more. It is not only me but there are people I have seen who all are very much successful and enjoy those small things in life.

Believe me, the moment you will start to enjoy those small things you will start to feel the positive energy around you and with that your brain will start working so well that will bring success in your life.


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