India's longest beach
Tamil Nadu

India’s Longest Beach

The clear strip of blue Bay of Bengal and glittering golden sand attract thousands of tourists and locals every day at the Marina beach. This is a natural urban beach in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Marina beach is the longest natural beach in India and second longest natural beach in the world. This beach experiences 30,000 visitors each day and due to this, you will find the beach crowded all the time.

India’s Longest Beach

Things to do at Marina beach:

  • First of all, you can take a long walk with your love one at the Marina beach. The view of the vertical sea line is stunning at Marina beach.
  • Horse riding is a nice option to put your travel into the next level.
India's longest beach
  • You can also enjoy the stunning view of Marina beach adjoining the Chennai city from the lighthouse. This lighthouse is almost 50 meters high and due to this, it has the ability to provide a stunning view of the city and the beach.
  • There is an aquarium at the beach, which has amazing species of fishes. This aquarium is known as India’s first aquarium, established in 1909.
  • Once you enter the beach area, you have to go through a small market. This market is pretty attractive to tourists as they can buy some different kind of local made fancy items including pieces of jewelry and home decors.
India's longest beach 4-min

Foods at Marina beach:

This beach has plenty of food options. Fruit salads, fish fries, local sweets, hot and cold drinks are pretty common at this beach area. But I personally suggest you to try the local sweets made of coconut and the famous sukku coffee.

Best Time to Visit Marina Beach:

The best time to visit Chennai and it’s stunning Marina beach is from November to February as during these months the weather of the city is pleasant.

In a day, morning is the best time to visit the Marina beach. If you walk by the sea line in the morning, the cool breeze from the sea and the pleasant atmosphere will greet you.

How to reach Marina Beach if you are in Chennai:

As the Marina beach is a travel hot spot of Chennai, you do not have to be worried to reach there. You can hire any local cab or taxi to see the beach or else you can also take a bus to reach there. Chennai has very good government bus service and you won’t have any problem in reaching the beach area.

India's longest beach

My experience at Marina beach is very different as I tasted the salted water for the first time here. After that, I have been at this beach many times and every time I got some new experiences. Hope, you will also get some memorable moments in India’s most crowded beach.

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