4 Important things you should not forget to carry on your beach vacation

“Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly”
– Van Morrison

Sea always gives you a chance to let your spirit fly. If you are sad or need a break from your daily life, a trip to any beach can give you ultimate happiness and pleasure.

We get excited and do many plans but we always forget one or two things to carry on trip. Today, I am going to tell you 4 major things to carry on your beach vacation.

1) Sunscreen:

This is must to carry on your beach trip. The Sun is strong by the sea and soaking in the sun without sunscreen could be harmful to your skin. Even you can struggle with permanent sunspots problems in future.

2) Clothes:

We get confused about our clothes while planning to go on vacation. Not only that, sometimes we do mess with it. So, I decided to guide you for your beach vacation clothing.

You should wear colourful light clothes in the sea side. The quality of those clothes should be very thin that can get dry soon.You should carry numbers of underwear too.

3) Accessories:

Sun-glass, hat, waterproof slipper and waterproof bag should be your first choices during the packing.

4) Camera:

Who doesn’t want to save their nice memories?? So, carry the memory saver (camera) with you.

I have visited many beaches in South India and I realized that the above 4 things are the most important things to plan a trip to a beach. When you are in a beach with a perfect planning, the touches of the sea on you feet is to be more sweeter than anything.

In fine, I have to clear the basics as spelled out by Tony Robbins that “ Wherever you go, be always in resourceful state subjectively and objectively both”. So, enjoy and be entertained always up to the optimum.


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